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Orders, returns, safety

  1. If you would like to purchase any of the toys please place an order on the website or by sending an email to info@edgetoys.co.za indicating the toys sought including quantity and an address for delivery.  Please note that Edge Toys may, in its sole discretion, accept or reject an order.  Without limitation Edge Toys may limit the quantity of a type of product which may be ordered per customer.
  1. Following receipt of the required details Edge Toys will send you an email attaching an invoice indicating the cost and providing account details where payment may be made, as well as a reference number. The delivery fee applicable, if any, will be indicated in the invoice.  If the value of toys purchased exceeds R600 then delivery within Gauteng is free.
  1. When making payment (unless otherwise agreed payment should be by Payfast Online or by EFT to the Edge Toys account indicated in the invoice) please quote the reference number indicated in the invoice and/or your name.
  1. Unless Edge Toys agrees to the contrary in writing delivery of goods shall not take place until receipt of payment of the amount indicated in the invoice by Edge Toys. Sale and transfer or risk shall take place on receipt by Edge Toys of payment.  Edge Toys will endeavour to ensure delivery within five days, however certain orders may take a little longer.
  1. If payment is not received within ten days of invoice the order shall lapse.
  1. Should you wish to cancel an order please notify Edge Toys as soon as possible in writing. The request for cancellation will be considered.  Following notification of dispatch, delivery notice and delivery, orders may not be cancelled.
  1. Stock of certain goods is limited and the availability of stock is not guaranteed. Edge Toys will take all reasonable measures to monitor stock levels and endeavour to ensure that if stock is no longer available this is indicated.  Any payment already received by Edge Toys for goods which are not available will be refunded.
  1. Edge Toys is a small family run business. There may be times when the Edge Toys is not open to business and the availability of staff is limited.  Edge Toys will use its best endeavours to keep customers informed in this regard.
  1. Please contact Edge Toys should you wish to pre-order any items which are not currently available.
  1. Please adhere at all times to warnings and age guidelines provided. Use of toys by children should at all time be subject to appropriate adult supervision.
  1. We want you to be happy with your purchase. If you are not satisfied, please inform us as soon as possible (and not later than six months after the purchase) and we can discuss how best to address your concern.


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