Soft & Cuddly

Super soft and very cuddly … These Bashful Bunnies and Jellycat soft toys display quality workmanship – sure to be the perfect comfort object and friend for you child for many years.

Children form bonds with transitional objects such as teddies, soft toys and blankets as part of their emotional development and learning independence.

Please email to check on which sizes and colours are in stock. 

 Available in various colours

Bunny Soother R390 – a perfect gift – incredibly soft!

Small, Medium or Large - Bashful Bunnies always give super soft hugs

These sweet bunnies come in a variety of colours – cream, beige, aqua, bluebell, apricot, grey cottontail, tulip, hyacinth, rose or silver, pink or sorbet, maple, pecan or walnut brown.

It’s a rainbow of bunnies to choose from

Small (18 cm) R390   Medium (30 cm)  R550   Large (40 cm) R850

Huge (54 cm) R1200 or Really Big (78 cm)  R1700

A burrow of bunnies ... have a look at the wonderful colours

Jellycat African Animals

Jellycat Mythical & Pre-Historic Creatures

Wonderful creatures usually only found in story books, can become your child’s bedtime buddy

Jellycat Farmyard Friends

We have moo’s, baa’s, neighs, squeaks, hoots, clucks, quacks, ribbits and more


African Animals

 Fuddlewuddle Hippo (Medium) R550


Flora Flamingo Medium R550

 Cordy Roy Elephant Medium R550

Bashful Zebra Medium R550


Bashful Monkey Medium R550

 Bashful Lion R550

    Bashful Giraffe R550


Odette Ostrich Medium R600 Big R900

  Snaggle Baggle Walter Warthog Medium R550

Aardvark Medium R550


Mythical & Prehistoric Creatures

 Snagglebaggle Ursula Unicorn R550

 Frederick the Frog Prince R550 

 Bashful Unicorn Small R390 Medium R550 Large R850 Huge R1200 Really Big R1700

 Bashful Dragon Medium R550Bashful Dino Medium R550 

Snagglebaggle Dudley Dragon Medium R550

 Rainbow Pompom Medium R550 

Snagglebaggle Winston Woolly Mammoth R550 

Jellycat Puppies and Kitties give lots of snuggles

Adopt a loving snuggly pet

Get a medium-sized furry friend for R550

Jellycat has fun quirky soft toy designs that can offer super-snuggles to kids of all ages.

Really great quality – your Jellycat Pet will be a friend for life!


Bashful Poodle


Tumblie Sheepdog

Fuddlewuddle Puppy