Reading Activities



  A set of durable magnetic Alphabet Letters and Phonemes that children can play with, build words with, and learn to match the sounds of language with the sound pictures (letters) that represent them.

Contents: 1 metal tin, 199 Alphabet Sound Picture Magnets (including multiple letter Sound Picture Magnets: qu, sh, ch, th, ck, ll, ss, zz, oe, oa, ow, ou, oo, ee, ie igh and the sound pictures of latin origin: tion, sion, cian, sure, ture, cial & tial)

This activity develops: fine motor skills, visual discrimination skills, auditory discrimination skills, phoneme awareness, knowledge of the nature of language:

  • language is made of sounds
  • letters are pictures of those sounds
  • some sound pictures have more than one letter (e.g. ‘sh’ in the word ship)
  • awareness that sounds can be blended together in words (e.g. c a t = cat) or can be segmented (what is the first sound in dog?)

Endorsed by Read For Africa

This set can be used for teaching level 1 to level 5 words as part of the Phono-Graphix Reading and Spelling Method

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This set also aligns with the Pink and Blue levels of the Montessori method of teaching reading and spelling.

En nou kan ons woordbou in Afrikaans met die Woorde Skatkis

 Die spel is ideaal vir Afrikaanse leerders wat leer om te lees en spel in hul Moedertaal. 

Die spel kom met 150 Afrikaans magneties klankprente. Jy kan woorde bou op die blikke of die yskas ook.



A great way to help Second Language Afrikaans learners improve their reading and spelling. This set has 150 magnetic sound pictures with which you can build many Afrikaans words and get to grips with the various ways the words are spelled.


Bou woorde met klankprente, van die basiese pienk vokale en konsonante, tot die meer gevorderde klankprente soos oei, eeu, sj, tj en oë.  

Aanbeveel deur Read For Africa

Hierdie stel kan gebruik word vir die onderrig van vlak 1 (pienk), vlak 2 (blou), vlak 3 (groen), vlak 4 (pers) en vlak 5 (geel) woorde as deel van die Phono-Graphix Lees- en spelmetode (vir meer inligting besoek

Edge Toys has a delightful range of books and activities that encourage literacy and language development. From Babies & Toddlers to Emerging Readers.

Pre-Literacy Activities For Babies & Toddlers

Playgo Alphabet Blocks R375 – coming soon


Stack Them Up…Knock Them Down…Repeat. 


Books and Activities that create a fun adventure on the path to literacy.



Yookidoo Lights & Music First Book R350

Accordion-fold book includes a friendly light-up face on every page


Little Jellycat baby bedtime book R300

 A lovely soft material bedtime book that is both a book and a soft toy. Your Baby or Toddler can snuggle their book after reading it. A first book to love!

Made with the super soft fluffy material and quality workmanship that comes with a Jellycat toy.

Sleepy Monkey is looking for a snug place to sleep

Jellycat If I were .... books R300

Beautifully illustrated Board books about the wonderful Jellycat characters.  Complete with cute soft tails for little hands to touch. 

If I were a bunny, elephant, fox, puppy, unicorn, rabbit (pink book), rabbit (silver book), owl, kitty, lamb or monkey … All very endearing first books!

Email us to find out which ones we have in stock.


Sturdy hard board pages, soft tails, and sensory stimulating fur, skin, feathers and ears inside. Lovely to touch and explore!


Jellycat Tails Book Collection

We have Fluffy Tails, Garden Tails, Silly Tails, Sea Tails, Farm Tails and Jungly Tails, Unicorn Tails – R400 each


What a lot of tails!

Wonderful Stimulating tails to feel, rub, pull and suck! Everything you baby wants in a book. Excellent quality and the famous Jellycat softness.

 My Farm Book & My Jungle Book R300

Perfect to attach to a pram or cot – keep little eyes and fingers busy with these delightful cloth books.



A set of 52 plastic alphabet letters (lower case and higher case) with magnets on the back. The font of the letters is in line with what is recommended for primary school learning. 

Letters are shaped in a Primary School friendly font. 

This alphabet activity develops: fine motor skills, visual discrimination skills, knowledge of the Alphabet, awareness of the difference between lower and upper case letters

Suitable for ages: 4 +


Colourful, durable educational games which help build literacy and basic reading skills. 

Made in Britain from 100% recycled board.

Learning made fun!

Match & Spell R250

A fun first reading and spelling game. 

Build 3 and 4 sound words. For Ages 4 to 8. 


Alphabet Lotto R300

Four ways to play this game, you can increase the difficulty as the child learns. A fun way to learn the letters of the alphabet. For Ages 3 to 7.

Slug in a Jug R220

Make silly sentences, find the rhymes or match rhyming pairs – 3 ways to play. For Ages 5 to 9.

Match and Spell

Your child can learn to blend, segment and sound out words – important foundational skills for becoming a strong reader. 

Alphabet Lotto

Slug in a Jug

Pass The Word R300

Match & Spell Next Steps R250

Giant Alphabet Puzzle R420

Aphabet Flashcards R220