OUT & ABOUT Move. Play. Learn.


Buitenspeel toys are original, large in size and made of high quality materials. Perfect for getting the whole family outdoors for some fun!

Buitenspeel is a small company based in Holland who focus on healthy learning and good quality, original toys. For more info about these lovely toys: http://bs-toys.com/

These toys develop: social skills, bilateral co-ordination, gross motor and core muscle abilties, problem solving, throwing and aiming.

Suitable for ages: 3+

Buitenspeel Tin Throwing (colourful) R215

Tin Throwing Is Still A Great Game To Play. Collect As Many Points As You Can. Can You Knock Over All Cans At Once?

Buitenspeel Ball Throwing R295

This Ball Throwing Game Of French Origin Has Been Given A New Look. Who Will Be First To Knock Over All Boards In The Fewest Throws Or Reach The Agreed Points Limit?

Buitenspeel Mini Golf R360

Develop Your Own Golf Course With These Wooden Parts. You Can Make It As Easy Or Difficult As You Want. Who Gets The Ball Into The Circle In The Fewest Strokes?

Buitenspeel Red and White Wooden Skittles R655


Great Quality Wooden Bowling Game. Can You Throw A Strike? A great family game!

Buitenspeel Dominoes (X - Large) R380

The Well-Known Family Game But Now In Extra Large Size And Bright Colors. Made Of Fine Quality Wood.

Buitenspeel Moves R200

Who Remembers Most Of The Moves? Each Disc Depicts A Movement Which You Have To Perform. Those Who Do Not Remember The Right Move Is Finished. This Game Allows You To Do With As Many Children As You Want. Great for a classroom or for a party game. 

Playgo Aqua Sprinkler R185

Lobster Wild Sprinkler – cool down in the garden with this fun unpredictable water sprinkler. 

Playgo Star Swirl Sprinkler R210

This spraying flower brings backyard showers! Watch this vibrant Swirl and Spray Sprinkler from Play Go blossom with petals full of water! Just attach to garden hose. A pretty and cool way to hydrate the plants or run through for fun!