Fluffy Friends

Soft & Cuddly

Super soft and very cuddly … These Bashful Bunnies and Jellycat soft toys display quality workmanship – sure to be the perfect comfort object and friend for you child.

Children form bonds with transitional objects such as teddies, soft toys and blankets as part of their emotional development and learning independence.

Please email info@edgetoys.co.za to check on which sizes and colours are in stock. 

Baby, Small, Medium or Large - Jellycat Bashful Bunnies always give super soft hugs

These sweet bunnies come in a variety of colours – cream, beige, aqua, bluebell, apricot, grey cottontail, tulip, hyacinth, rose or silver, pink or sorbet, maple, pecan or walnut brown.

It’s a rainbow of bunnies to choose from

Baby (R200) Small (18 cm) R265 to R365  Medium (30 cm)  R400 to R650  Large (40 cm) R600 to R850

Bunny Dummy Holder R300  Animal with Blankey R380

Jellycat Cordy Roy Rooster R400 (Medium)

Jellycat Bashful Chaucer Dog R450 (Medium)

Jellycat Fluffles Giraffe R450 (Medium)

Jellycat Cordy Roy Mutt R400 (Medium)

Jellycat Fluffles Zebra R450 (Medium)

Jellycat Snagglebaggle Dragon R450 (Medium)

Jellycat Bashful Frog R450 (Medium)

Jellycat Bashful Croc R450 (Medium)

Jellycat Toothy Croc R450 (Medium)

Jellycat Bashful Lemon Bunny (Small) R340

Jellycat Charmed Sophia Unicorn R450 (Medium)

Jellycat Tiggalope Wolf R450 (Medium)

Jellycat Maple Bunny (Small) R360

Jellycat Bunny Dummy holder R300

Bashful Unicorn with Soother Blankey R380