Fluffy Friends

Soft & Cuddly

Super soft and very cuddly … Ntofo-Ntofo plush toys is Edge Toys’ own unique brand of soft toys – chosen for softness, fluffiness, cuteness and the ability to cheer someone up with cuddles. Everyone needs a fluffy friend, no matter what the age.

 Children form bonds with transitional objects such as teddies, soft toys and blankets as part of their emotional development and learning independence.

Ntofo-Ntofo Dimpho Dog

Her name means “Gift”

Dimpho Dog is a perfect gift for someone needing a soft friend. She will be your loyal companion and offer comfort at bedtime.

She comes in 2 sizes: 30cm or 40cm tall

Ntofo-Ntofo Karabo Hermit Crab

Karabo Hermit Crab

His name means “Answer”

Karabo Crab may be shy, but he is always available to listen to you and offer you comfort. Karabo Crab likes to welcome newborn babies to their homes as well as making a new house feel welcoming. 

He is 35 cm long. 

Ntofo-Ntofo Ulwazi Owl

Ulwazi Owl

Her name means “Knowledge”

Ulwazi Owl loves learning new knowledge and skills, and will happily keep you company if you study at night. She will proudly ululate when you graduate. She is 35 cm tall. 

Ntofo-Ntofo Phumzile Penguin

Phumzile Penguin

Her name means “She who brought us contentment and rest”

When Phumzile Penguin is not visiting Boulder Beach to visit her friends, she likes nothing more than getting a hug from you while you rest. She is 35 cm tall. 

Ntofo-Ntofo Thembi Turtle

Her name means “Gift or Promise”

Thembi Turtle promises she will be by your side, offering comfort, no matter how fast or slow you go. She is 45 cm tall. 

Ntofo-Ntofo Olwandle Octopus

Olwandle Octopus

Her name means “Ocean”

Olwandle Octopus would like to offer you a tranquil sea and to be a soft friend to hold onto through any storms. She is 40 cm big. 

Ntofo-Ntofo Kagiso Crocodile

Kagiso Crocodile

His name means “Peace”

Kagiso Crocodile will offer you peace and harmony and also a cuddle if you are having a bad day. He is 40 cm tall. 

Ntofo-Ntofo Dineo Dinosaur

His name means “Gift”

Dineo Dinosaur may have claws, but he actually just loves hugs and snuggles. He is 45 cm tall.