Fluffy Friends

Soft & Cuddly

Super soft and very cuddly … These Jellycat Bashful Bunnies and friends, and Douglas cuddle soft toys display quality workmanship – sure to be the perfect comfort object and friend for you child. Douglas is a family owned business that has been making heirloom quality stuffed animals and plush toys since 1956.


Children form bonds with transitional objects such as teddies, soft toys and blankets as part of their emotional development and learning independence.

Jellycat Bashful Lemon Bunny (Small) R320

Jellycat Small Bashful Unicorn with Soother Blankey R380

Jellycat Cordy Roy Rooster R400 (Medium)

Jellycat Bashful Frog R360 (Medium)

Jellycat Fluffles Giraffe R360 (Medium) R450 (Large)

Jellycat Charmed Sophia Unicorn R450 (Medium)

Jellycat Fluffles Zebra R360 (Medium) R450 (Large)

Jellycat Bunny Dummy holder R300

Douglas Brenton Yorkie R425

This long haired sweetie Yorkie is soft and cute. She is 35 cm tall. 

Douglas Zephyr Llama R250

This 31 cm tall Llama has a South American flair and soft fur – Cuddle your llama to feel calmer …

Douglas Beluga Whale - coming soon

A lovely soft white whale to cuddle to sleep … approx 35 cm

Janis Owl - coming soon

The cutest scraggliest owl ever – perfect gift for an owl lover or wizard-in-training. She is approx 20 cm tall. 

Douglas Spats Dachshund R350

A soft sausage dog to love – Good boy! He is approx 33 cm long. 

Douglas Lance Springbuck R220

Take him with to the Kruger Park or a rugby match – a perfect soft toy companion – approx 18 cm tall.

Douglas Coco Platypus Fuzzle - R525

Who doesn’t love a platypus … and a soft fuzzy one too! I am beautiful with my long eyelashes and sparkly tail! She is approx 50 cm long.

Douglas Veda Unicorn Fuzzle - R525

A pink and aqua beauty! and super fluffy too! She is approx 30 cm long.

Vivian Pink Toucan Fuzzle - R475

You can love a toucan! Especially such a lovely colourful one.  She is approx 35 cm long. 

Douglas Roxanne Black Toucan Fuzzle- R475

Charming eyes and sparking chest with vibrant fluffy feathers. She is approx 35 cm long. 

Douglas Phyllis Flamingo Fuzzle - R475

Phyllis the flamboyant Flamingo Fuzzle wears all the latest styles with a confidence. She has beans inside to give her weight, sparkles and fluff too. She stands at approx 33 cm high.

Douglas Misty Pink Narwhal R230

The unicorn of the sea – Narwhals seem magical! approx 35 cm long

Ziggy Caticorn Rainbow Fuzzle R450

Is it a cat? Is it a unicorn? It’s the best of both and fuzzy fluffy too … She is approx 30 cm long in her body, not to mention the amazing tail extra. A round cuddly caticorn to keep your lap or bed warm. 

Douglas Tillie Turtle R145

Tillie is a cuddly plush copy of the endangered Green Sea Turtle species. High quality plush materials and soft polyester fill make Tillie an especially cuddly stuffed animal. Approx 18 cm long.

Douglas Splash Whale R250

Splash is ready for the high seas- of your snuggly room! Super soft gray fur, silly open mouth with teeth, and a tuft of “water” spouting from his blow hole.   Approx 30 cm long.

Douglas Aput Polar Bear R250

Soft, white and fluffy – a great companion. He is approx 28 cm long.

Douglas Wizard Snowy Owl R200

A perfect gift for an owl lover or a wizard-in-training. Made from super soft high quality plush fabric which will stand up to lots of hugs, cuddles and adventures. This owl features a soft leatherette beak and is stuffed with silky soft polyester fiber. 25cm high. 

Otis Long Haired Guinea Pig R195

A super soft plush pet for you – stroke him or cuddle him. Approx 20 cm long

Douglas Brady Goat R495

Brady is a charming plush goat with a gentle expression.  Durable polyester fill gives Brady a cuddly body style that can be easily hugged and posed for high play value. 45 cm long and 23 cm high

Douglas Gerti Goat R250

JThis adorable goat was designed in USA by Douglas Co. Inc. Celebrating over 60 Years of Smiles since 1956. Soft toys created with care & craftsmanship using quality materials & exceptional details. She is approx 20 cm high. 

Douglas Liam Llama R220

The perfect no drama Llama to cuddle and chill with. With his dark cloven hooves and soft, spotted coat of plush fur, Liam the Llama is a sophisticated and lifelike stuffed animal. 28 cm tall. 

Douglas Francois Llama R300

Long ears, bright eyes, and stitched facial details bring Francois the Llama to life. His playful stand up pose will inspire the imagination and promote hours of imaginative play. 31 cm tall. 

Douglas Olivia Ostrich R365

You don’t have to go to Oudtshoorn to get this lovely super soft ostrich.  Created with ultra soft specialty fabrics chosen to mimic the appearance of bird feathers, Olivia is an absolute delight to behold. 28 cm tall.

Douglas Swoop Barn Owl R300

Your barn owl will be at home in your bedroom, watching over your bed with her heart shaped face. He is approx 25 cm high. 

Douglas Livia Black Poodle R375

Livia the Black Poodle is a beautiful plush puppy with a distinctive, textured coat. Her realistic design is crafted with high quality materials that will hold up to hours of playtime fun while springy, soft polyester fill makes her ideal for hugs and cuddles. Approx 36 cm by 30 cm big.

Douglas Bob Beagle R150

Beagles are friendly cute. A lovely loyal plush friend to let onto your bed. Aprox 20 cm long

Douglas Hamilton Pug R165

This adorable 20cm pug will brighten your day. 

Douglas Yettie Yorkie R280

Yorkshire Terriers are full of personality, and this Douglas soft toy will make a lovely plush pet. Approx 30 cm tall.

Douglas Gretel Dachshund R250

Who doesn’t love a long sausage dog!

This cute plush pup is approx 30 cm long.