Li'l Woodzeez Animals & Dolls

Developing social skills and imagination

Meet the Families



Great Quality, Lovely Details!

The story books tell community-orientated stories of how the different families work hard, help others and look after the environment.

These toys develop emotional intelligence, life skills, imagination and fine motor hand co-ordination. 

The Li'l Woodzeez Daintypaw Cat Grandparents are moving in! R590

The brand new extended Li’l Woodzeez Animal Families are here – it’s granny and gramps, mom and dad, older child and the little twins. Meet the extended family of the Daintypaw cats!

The Squirrel Family with Grandparents R590

There is older sister Tulip, her twin siblings Timmie and Tammie, their parents Sarah and Carl and their grandparents Nora and Earl! They all look after each other in Honeysuckle Hollow.

The Rabbit family with Grandparents R590

This 7 piece set includes grandparents Doris and Boris, Mom Cassi, Dad Andy and their little bunnies Chuck, Tab and Tali.

Granny and Gramps love to do some babysitting and play with the twins. 

The Mouse family with Grandparents R590

The whole family is there! Grandpa Ricky and Grandma Betsy Rose help Mom Penny and Dad Perry take care of their children Cheddar, Bo and Dot. The grandparents have their colorful glasses on to see well, and read stories to the kids. 

Li'l Woodzeez Moose Family R315

 The Vanderhoof Moose family are the Leaf Lovin’ Landscapers! They make sure the flower beds are ready in the spring and mow their neighbors’ lawns in the summer. In the fall, they blow leaves and shovel snow when winter comes.

Li'l Woodzeez Gray Paws Wolf Family R315

Miles and Meg are expecting a big delivery of strawberries and raspberries, but they receive tons of lemons they cannot return! But the GrayPaws kids always have a smart solution in mind!

Li'l Woodzeez McBristly Porcupine Family with Storybook R315

  • The bristly Porcupine family includes 4 characters: father Porter, mother Peggy. and children Quinn and Quill

Li'l Woodzeez Breezy Buggy Car R425

Take your animal family on a road trip or a holiday with this cute car. It fits a family of 4 and has a small suitcase on the back that opens up. 

Li'l Woodzeez Frog Family R315

A family of 4 characters: father Rob mother Libby and children Hip and Hop. Each animal is poseable, with jointed arms, legs, and heads that turn.

Li'l Woodzeez Duck Family R315

A family of 4 characters: father Quincy, mother Cappy and children Kelly and Kenny.

Li'l Woodzeez Cow Family R315

A family of 4 characters: father Enzo mother Jessie and children Nolan and Bella , includes the “Singalong Moosic-Makers” storybook featuring the MoosicalMoos.

Li'l Woodzeez Pig Family R315

A family of 4 characters: father Roberto mother Maria and children Toby and Olive. Includes the “Pass-the-Pasta Restaurant” storybook featuring the Curlicues pig family. 

Whooswhoos Owl Family keep an eye on the community and make sure it stays safe and secure R300

Healthsnuggles Bear Family keep the community healthy R315

Hoppingoods Rabbit Family grow the fresh vegetables to sell in the market - R315

Woodzeez Play Sets

Master Bedroom and Dining Set (26 pieces) - R315

Laundry and Bathroom Set (16 Piece - doesn't include Animals) R325

Learn in the Classroom set (20 pieces) - R325

Cook up a meal in the Kitchen (21 pieces) - R315

Tuck baby in the cot with a Nursery and Living Room (23 pieces) - R325

Li'l Woodzeez Country Kitchen (30 piece) R325

with fridge, stove, sink, kitchen table and food to make a gourmet meal

Take an adventurous trip!

Take a Trip with the Aeroplane Set - coming soon

Li'l Woodzeez Food Truck - coming soon

Smell the lovely flowers in The Flower Shop Set (shop and accessories) R335

Manage the village Hair Salon R335

Sell yummy ice cream on a hot day from the Ice Cream Parlour R335

Look after the L'il Woodzeez children with the Nursery Play Set R335

Sell lovely fresh organic fruit and veggies at the Farmers Market Set R575

Stop in for some groceries at the Village General Store R575

Smell the fresh baked goods at the Village Bakery R575

Get a check-up at the Health Clinic R575

Bunny Cottage - available later in 2020

Bunny Cottage opens up for 2 floors of space for your Harvester Bunnies to live. Comes with a story book and 2 Bunny Characters.


Hillside Cottage - available later in 2020

1 cottage with working lights, 1 sofa with 2 large pillows and 2 small pillows, 1 coffee table, 1 standing lamp, 1 kitchen table with 2 benches, 1 master bed with 1 mattress and 2 pillows, 1 child’s bed with 1 mattress and 1 pillow, 1 crib with 1 mattress and 1 pillow, 1 toy box, 1 night table, 1 lamp and 1 porch swing, Secret storage on roof top. 4 working lights. Fun swing at back!

Sunny Acres Country Home R895 **NEW**

1 Cottage, 1 bear child character, 1 chair, 1 pillow, 1 side table, 1 teapot, 2 tea cups, 2 tea plates, 1 crate, 1 truck toy, 1 elephant toy, 1 spinning top, 1 letter, 1 package, 1 bed, 1 blanket

( Characters shown sold separately – includes 1 child bear)

Woodland School House R895 **NEW**


1 schoolhouse, 2 shelving units, 4 baskets, 2 shelves, 3 chair desk, 1 table, 4 stools, 1 chalk board, 1 ruler, 1 paint pallet, 1 paint brush, 1 scissors, 1 glue, 3 music instruments, 3 pencils, 3 books (Characters sold seperately)