Specials & Sale Items

Magplayer 45 Piece Starter Kit - Was R600 Now R520

This set contains 45 pieces (12 triangles & 18 squares and 15 solid squares that clip in the magnetic squares) & instruction booklet

Suitable for ages: 3 +


TURNCOAT - by University Games was R320 now R290

Challenge your friends to a unique and challenging strategy  game where your game pieces may turn against you. The magnetic game board can flip one of your game pieces at random, turning a winning move into a losing one

The game changes every time you play, with 245,760 possible combinations. Includes magnetic game board and 12 game pieces, plus instructions.  For ages 8+

More info about this great game: http://www.university-games.co.uk/product-range/family-games/turncoat

Just Magnets, Nuts & Bolts (by Edge Toys) was R460 Now R350

There’s no need for “cheap plastic fakes” – Your kids will love getting to grips with these genuine nuts, bolts and magnets which can be combined in countless ways to stimulate the mind while developing fine motor skills. Even the packaging can be part of the fun.  Suitable for ages: 5+ 




Contents: 9 magnet balls, 20 magnets of various shapes, 16 bolts & nuts of various sizes, 8 metal rings, 4 metal fold back clips, 4 velvet storage bags and a piece of cotton cloth 

 This toy develops: fine motor skills, motor planning skills (praxis), cognitive problem solving, logic, 3D visualisation, imagination, knowledge of physics and the properties of metals and magnets.

A simple, fun, learning & building game.

Create 3D sculptures and structures, using your imagination. Aligns with the Montessori philosophy of doing hands on work with real-life objects.