Build, Create & Brainstorm

NEW colours and SETS have arrived!

This toy develops: fine motor skills, motor planning (praxis), 3D spatial visualisation, imagination, as well as knowledge of colours, physics, shapes, foundations of geometry & magnetic forces.

Magplayer Car Set (28 Pieces) ***was R625 now R595 ***

These new Second Generation Magplayer Shapes are streamlined with a smooth feel. The lighter shape allows for taller structures, but are still compatible with the 1st Generation pieces in primary colours.

Start or expand your Magplayer Magnetic Shapes collection with this great new PASTEL coloured set. This set comes with 8 Triangles, 16 Squares, 2 Wheel blocks and 2 of the new SEMI-CIRCLE shapes!

Magplayer Train Set (77 Pieces) R995

This 2nd Generation magplayer set is everything you need to build a Magplayer train and is perfect to combine with your other Magplayer Magnetic Shapes as well as large size construction blocks. The set comes with 12 Triangles, 16 Squares & 2 Isosceles Triangle Magnets as well as 47 other durable plastic items: Train engine, Train carriage, 12 Train tracks, 2 large building block size people and other train station accessory blocks.

Magplayer Translucent Solid Magnetic Tiles (32 Pieces) R600

These NEW Magnetic Tiles are great colours and make great sturdy structures. Build a tower, rocket or farm … your imagination can take off with these excellent quality magnetic building pieces. These are compatible with other Magplayer Magnetic TILES. 

Magplayer 40 piece Chariot Set R650

For ages 2 to Adult – everyone will enjoy building with Magplayer Shapes! 

Build a chariot, fire engine, bus, digger … This set adds wheels, hexagons and a rectangle to your building possibilities!

Contains: 12 Triangles, 18 Squares, 2 hexagons, 2 pairs of double wheels, 2 single wheels, 2 characters, instruction booklet and 2 rectangles.

Magplayer 46 piece Carnival Wheel Set R650

Make Carnival Wheels or Spinning Contraptions with this great set.


Contains:  12 Triangles, 24 Squares, 2 hexagons, instruction booklet and 8  carnival structure pieces.



Magplayer 45 Piece Starter Kit - Was R600 Now R545

This set contains 45 pieces (12 triangles & 18 squares and 15 solid plastic squares that clip in the magnetic squares) & instruction booklet

Suitable for ages: 3 +


Magplayer extra 6 square magnets add-on set R175

Magplayer extra 8 triangle add-on set R175

For ages 2 to Adult - everyone will enjoy building with Magplayer Shapes!

Each type of set contains a different number of the shapes and components that form part of the Magplayer range of building toys.


Play to invent! 

Engino was founded by Costas Sisamos in Cypress. With degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Education, Costas worked for 10 years in Primary schools teaching Design & Technology. With a vision to inspire his students become better problem solvers and future innovators, Costas started designing a new system of modular connectors that would enable students to build fast and easy fully functional technological models.


Award winning STEM construction & design sets! 

Perfect for Young Scientists & Engineers!

Engino Academy of STEAM - Inertia and Energy Conversion R675

 LEARN: Newton’s laws can essentially describe all objects that are in motion. Learn the notion of inertia, realize that it can be observed everywhere in our daily life and understand that seat belts keep us safe when travelling
EXPERIMENT: Build an experimental platform that simulates a car that crashes on a wall. Convert the elastic energy of a stretched spring into kinetic for the vehicle. See the passenger flying out of the car right after the crash due to inertia

A great science kit for ages 8+ 

Engino Academy of STEAM - Buoyant Forces R675

LEARN: Maritime and sea exploration are important for transportation. Learn how ships can float on water due to buoyancy. Understand density, how it varies over objects and find that it is a significant factor on whether an object will sink or float
EXPERIMENT: Build and decorate your submarine model. Use a sink filled with water to tests its buoyant behavior. Alter its density using a combination of materials such as air, water and investigate whether it will float or sink.

Comes with an 18 page colour information booklet.

Engino Academy of STEAM - Hydraulics Science R675

 LEARN: Industrial and construction machines use hydraulics to easily lift heavy objects. Learn how this can be achieved by applying the Pascal’s Law on a hydraulic press. Understand what hydrostatic pressure is and how it gets stronger by depth
EXPERIMENT: Build a hydraulic platform and investigate Pascal’s law. Use syringes of different size to emulate how pistons can transfer pressure inside a tube. Add a load on the platform and push the pistons to lift it

Engino Academy of STEAM - Botanic Lab R675

LEARN: Young botanists grow their own plants from seeds inside a fully functional greenhouse they build themselves. Learn about plant life cycles and photosynthesis.
EXPERIMENT: Guided experiments will show little farmers how conditions like light, temperature and moisture affect their crops.

Engino Academy of STEAM - Solar Helicopter R675

 LEARN: Solar power is powerful and reaches the earth continuously. Even the tiny percentage of sunlight that touches the earth is more than enough to meet the energy needs of the entire human population by more than 8,500x over
EXPERIMENT: Test the efficiency of a solar panel, under varying light conditions. Observe the rotation speed of the propeller and compare it when the model is placed indoors, under shaded area and under direct sunlight.

Engino JCB Construction Backhoe Loader R850

ENGINO® has secured the license to produce famous models of JCB construction machines. Children can build the iconic JCB 3CX Backhoe Loader out of the Engino Construction pieces. Be a construction engineer and use the Backhoe Loader with the interchangeable attachments to dig holes, the Dumber with the tipping skip and the Low Loader with the articulated bucket! Comes with instructions of how to build 2 designs, and you can access a third design online through the Engino App. A great gift for a construction or design enthusiast. For ages 6+

Engino JCB Construction Wheeled Loader R565

Build 3 different models of iconic JCB machines! Snap-fit connectivity in any direction and angle.
Extraction tool for easy disassembly.
Easy-to-follow building instructions to build 3 different models of construction loaders.
All parts are non-toxic and made to last. Vibrant coloured parts.
Printed instruction are included for 3 main models in each set.

Engino JCB Construction Tipper Truck R595

Build 3 different Tipper Truck styles using the snap-clip Engino parts. Engino teaches children about design, following step-by-step instructions and the parts can also be used for free play and making your own unique designs. Each box comes with an assembly tool that helps to take pieces apart to build other models and creations.

A unique brand of STEM toys designed by an Engineer

More models can be assembled by downloading the free internet instructions , available at Engino website. All models are available as interactive 3D instructions viewed either from a PC or from smartphones and tablets through the ENGINO 3D Viewer app (kidCAD), downloadable for free in Android, Apple (iOs) and Windows mobile operating systems. 

Engino Stem Heroes

Build a Space Robot and read the amazing facts inside the design booklet. Comes with an extraction tool to easy disassembly to design something new.

Scorpion Robot Hero R125

Dragon’s Evolution Robot Hero R350

Safari Park Robot Hero R220

Astrophysics Saturn Robot Hero R125

Engino Discovering STEM: Solar Power R895

Engino Discovering STEM: Newton’s Laws R495

Engino Discovering STEM: Mechanics Wheels R490

Engino Discovering STEM: Mechanics Gears R490

Engino Discovering STEM: Mechanics Pulleys R490

ENGINO - Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths

Build from the design booklet or make your own unique creation! Collect a few sets and build the pieces together. 

Seedling Design Your Own Marble Maze R550

A large wooden marble maze frame for you to design your own challenges. You also have the option to download the Seedling Maze App and make your marble maze 3d with the bonus virtual reality viewer enclosed.  for ages 8+

Seedling Design Your own Virtual Reality Viewer (Dark Side Edition) R320

With black and silver decorations, glitter glue, and more. You can decorate your own Virtual Reality Viewer. Works with smartphone VR Apps. for ages 8+

Seedling Design Your own Virtual Reality Viewer (Modern Art Edition) R320

You can decorate your own Virtual Reality Viewer to be a piece of modern art with coloured paper and glitter glue. Works with smartphone VR Apps. for ages 8+

Just Magnets, Nuts & Bolts (by Edge Toys) Was R465 Now R425

There’s no need for “cheap plastic fakes” – Your kids will love getting to grips with these genuine nuts, bolts and magnets which can be combined in countless ways to stimulate the mind while developing fine motor skills. Even the packaging can be part of the fun.  Suitable for ages: 5+ 




Contents: 9 magnet balls, 20 magnets of various shapes, 16 bolts & nuts of various sizes, 8 metal rings, 4 metal fold back clips, 4 velvet storage bags and a piece of cotton cloth 

 This toy develops: fine motor skills, motor planning skills (praxis), cognitive problem solving, logic, 3D visualisation, imagination, knowledge of physics and the properties of metals and magnets.

A simple, fun, learning & building game.

Create 3D sculptures and structures, using your imagination. Aligns with the Montessori philosophy of doing hands on work with real-life objects.




Just Magnetic Patterns and Shapes (by Edge Toys) R350

 Learn colours, shapes, patterns and the basics of Geometry by placing the correct magnet shapes on the pattern cards.

Create your own imaginative patterns, or copy the pattern idea cards to learn about symmetry, logic repetition, and sequencing.



This activity develops fine motor skills, spatial visualisation and the properties of shapes.

Bigjigs Around The World Railway Set (78 pieces) Was R2000 Now R1750

The Bigjigs Express visits iconic sights from around the globe!

  • Pass by Big Ben, the Sydney Opera House and the Egyptian Temples along the track.
  • Most other major wooden railway brands are compatible with Bigjigs Rail.
  • Consists of 78 play pieces.
  • Made from high quality, responsibly sourced materials. 

Design your own track and do a world tour as you go around!

Le Toy Van Round The Block Wooden Blocks R200 per set

These beautifully painted wooden blocks are great to create a suburb, house, airport, zoo … or just to make a pile of blocks! 17 Shapes in a set. 3 different sets available. 


They will inspire creativity and fine motor play.

Morphun Gearphun Starter Box in Plastic Tub Was R1850 Now R1650

An ideal set for a classroom, homeschool or cottage school

  • The Morphun Gearphun system is strong, durable & flexible in use.
  • Features side-joining squares and triangles, drive and spinning gear wheels, end stops & more!
  • Supports the National Curriculum & STEM education


Tidies up into the convenient container

  • Encourages creativity & problem solving.
  • Use the design card ideas or create your own invention!
  • Ideal for ages 4 to 9

SMARTMAX Magnetic Building Toys

Build a pyramid, a bridge, a tower… the options are infinite!

A chunky, durable ball and stick toy that is fun for the whole family.

These toys develop: motor planning skills (praxis), cognitive problem solving, logic, 3D visualisation, imagination, knowledge of physics and the properties of metals and magnets

Suitable for ages: 1 + (Large pieces make the toys safe for toddlers.)

For more info about Smartmax toys:

Build a collection ...

These chunky magnets will be played with for years … 

  • SMARTMAX Extension Medium Bars (6)



  • All SmartMax sets are compatible with each other
  • SMARTMAX Extension Large Bars (6)



  • Oversize, strong, safe pieces

Smartmax Transparent Container with Glow in the Dark short bars R400

Use the container as a base for your buiding structure!

  • SMARTMAX Transparent Container with 8 short bars R350

This container is designed to be part of your construction with metal pieces in the bottom and top to connect bars with.


  • SMARTMAX Connector set R320
  • SmartMax Connectors can be attached to furniture, allowing both “up” and “down” building!
  • Also includes two expandable bars for added length