Build, Create & Brainstorm

Magplayer Magnetic Building Shapes

This toy develops: fine motor skills, motor planning (praxis), 3D spatial visualisation, imagination, as well as knowledge of colours, physics, shapes, foundations of geometry & magnetic forces.

Contents: A set of various shapes that fit together using magnetic forces in order to make various structures, patterns and objects.

Each type of set contains a different number of the shapes and components that form part of the Magplayer range of toys.

Magplayer 45 Piece Starter Kit R490

This set contains 45 pieces (12 triangles & 18 squares and 15 solid squares that clip in the magnetic squares) & instruction booklet

Suitable for ages: 3 +

 Watch Magplayer toys in action:

Magplayer 40 piece Chariot Set R650

 Build a chariot, fire engine, bus, digger … This set adds wheels, hexagons and a rectangle to your building possibilities!

Contains: 12 Triangles, 18 Squares, 2 hexagons, 2 pairs of double wheels, 2 single wheels, 2 characters, instruction booklet and 2 rectangles.

Magplayer 46 piece Carnival Wheel Set R650

Make Carnival Wheels or Spinning Contraptions with this great set.


Contains:  12 Triangles, 24 Squares, 2 hexagons, instruction booklet and 8 pieces for the carnival structure.



Magplayer Carnie 98 piece Set (Carnival and Car) R890

The Big Deal: 98 pieces to build huge structures with, including wheels and a carnival wheel.

Contains: 12 Triangles, 25 Squares, 2 Hexagons, 41 Solid squares that clip into Magnetic Squares, 8 Isosceles Triangles, 2 sets of wheels, 8 pieces for the carnival structure & instruction booklet.

Magplayer extra 6 square magnets add-on set R200

Magplayer extra 8 triangle add-on set R200

For ages 2 to Adult - everyone will enjoy building with Magplayer Shapes!


Play to invent! 

Engino was founded by Costas Sisamos in Cypress. With degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Education, Costas worked for 10 years in Primary schools teaching Design & Technology. With a vision to inspire his students become better problem solvers and future innovators, Costas started designing a new system of modular connectors that would enable students to build fast and easy fully functional technological models.


Award winning STEM construction & design sets! 

Perfect for Young Scientists & Engineers!

Engino Stem Heroes R100

Build a Space Robot and read the amazing facts inside the design booklet. Comes with an extraction tool to easy disassembly to design something new.

Scorpion Robot Hero R125

Dragon’s Evolution Robot Hero R350

Space Exploration Hero R220

Safari Park Robot Hero R220

Astrophysics Saturn Robot Hero R125

Engino Discovering STEM: Solar Power R950

Engino Discovering STEM: Newton’s Laws R495

Engino Discovering STEM: Mechanics Wheels R490

Engino Inventor Motorized Multi-Models (120 Models) R1550

Engino Inventor Motorised Multi-Models (90 Models) R1200

Engino Inventor Motorised Multi-Models (50 Models)      R900


Engino Inventor Motorised Multi-Models (30 Models) R695

Engino Inventor Aircrafts (12 Models) R350

Engino Inventor Motorbikes (12 Models) R350

Engino Inventor Cars (12 Models) R350

Engino Discovering STEM: Amusement Park R3450

Engino Discovering STEM: Architecture Set R3050 – coming soon!

Engino Discovering STEM: Mechanics Gears R490

Engino Discovering STEM: Mechanics Pulleys R490

ENGINO - Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths

Build from the design booklet or make your own unique creation! Collect a few sets and build the pieces together. 

Engino Inventor Cars (4 Models) R170

Engino Inventor Motorbikes (4 Models) R170

Engino Racer or Dragster R120 each

Engino Inventor Aircrafts (8 Models) R250

Engino Inventor Motorbikes (8 Models) R250

Engino Inventor Cars (8 Models) R250

Engino Inventor Aircrafts (4 Models) R170

Seedling Design Your Own Marble Maze R700

A large wooden marble maze frame for you to design your own challenges. You also have the option to download the Seedling Maze App and make your marble maze 3d with the bonus virtual reality viewer enclosed.  for ages 8+

Design Your own Virtual Reality Viewer (Dark Side Edition) R450

With black and silver decorations, glitter glue, and more. You can decorate your own Virtual Reality Viewer. Works with smartphone VR Apps. for ages 8+

Design Your own Virtual Reality Viewer (Modern Art Edition) R450

You can decorate your own Virtual Reality Viewer to be a piece of modern art with coloured paper and glitter glue. Works with smartphone VR Apps. for ages 8+

Just Magnets, Nuts & Bolts (by Edge Toys) WAS R450 NOW R300

There’s no need for “cheap plastic fakes” – Your kids will love getting to grips with these genuine nuts, bolts and magnets which can be combined in countless ways to stimulate the mind while developing fine motor skills. Even the packaging can be part of the fun.  Suitable for ages: 5+ 



Contents: 9 magnet balls, 20 magnets of various shapes, 16 bolts & nuts of various sizes, 8 metal rings, 4 metal fold back clips, 4 velvet storage bags and a piece of cotton cloth 

A simple, fun, learning & building game.

Create 3D sculptures and structures, using your imagination. Aligns with the Montessori philosophy of doing hands on work with real-life objects.

 This toy develops: fine motor skills, motor planning skills (praxis), cognitive problem solving, logic, 3D visualisation, imagination, knowledge of physics and the properties of metals and magnets.



Just Magnetic Patterns and Shapes (by Edge Toys) Was R390 **Now R250**


Learn colours, shapes, patterns and the basics of Geometry by placing the correct magnet shapes on the pattern cards.  

Create your own imaginative patterns, or copy the pattern idea cards to learn about symmetry, logic repetition, and sequencing.  

This activity develops fine motor skills, spatial visualisation and the properties of shapes.


Suitable for ages 3+

SMARTMAX Magnetic Building Toys

Build a pyramid, a bridge, a tower… the options are infinite!

A chunky, durable ball and stick toy that is fun for the whole family.

These toys develop: motor planning skills (praxis), cognitive problem solving, logic, 3D visualisation, imagination, knowledge of physics and the properties of metals and magnets

Suitable for ages: 1 + (Large pieces make the toys safe for toddlers.)

For more info about Smartmax toys:

SMARTMAX - Starter Plus Set (30 pieces) R685 - coming soon

Please Note: Magnets can have a damaging effect on electronic devices and bank cards.

SMARTMAX Extension Tubes (7 piece)


Tubes turn your construction into a roller coaster for you magnet balls – take your building to a new level of fun!


SMARTMAX XXL Box with lid to build on

  • An ultimate collection for an avid builder 
  • Features a new container with top and bottom grids for building
  • Building set includes 70 pieces in a container and a colorful building guide R1800

SMARTMAX Extension Balls (6)



  • SmartMax promotes STEM skills, imagination and creativity

SMARTMAX Extension Curves (6)



  • Safe, strong, high-quality pieces for ages 1 and up
  • SMARTMAX Extension Medium Bars (6)



  • All SmartMax sets are compatible with each other
  • SMARTMAX Extension Large Bars (6)



  • Oversize, strong, safe pieces

Smartmax Transparent Container with Glow in the Dark short bars R400

Use the container as a base for your buiding structure!

  • SMARTMAX Transparent Container with 8 short bars R350

This container is designed to be part of your construction with metal pieces in the bottom and top to connect bars with.


SMARTMAX Car Add-on  Larry Lightning 


The car attachment that lights up – turns your Smartmax bar into a fun glowing toy

  • One long bar has an LED for light up fun
  • Includes 4 pieces


Build a collection ...

These chunky magnets will be played with for years … 

  • SMARTMAX Fly & Light


  • A light up car and an aeroplane for different modes of transport for your Smartmax long bar
  • Promotes imagination and creativity
  • SMARTMAX Connector set R340
  • SmartMax Connectors can be attached to furniture, allowing both “up” and “down” building!
  • Also includes two expandable bars for added length