Budget Friendly Toys for ages 0 to 10

BUDGET FRIENDLY range of Baby & Toddler Toys - Give your child the fun educational advantage with these affordable toys

Stimulate your baby’s eyesight, movement and hearing with a brightly coloured rattle
 Round rattle with a handle R25 

Ideal Baby Keyring Rattle with handle R35

Colourful Ball for rolling and rattling to encourage movement R100

Learning to Shape Sort builds hand-eye co-ordination, colour knowledge and foundations for Maths. Shape Sorter Ball R150

Rolling Shape Sorter Puzzle R150

Soft Blocks in a zip up bag (6 piece) R225

Colourful Stacker Rings R180

Stacker Rings with Duck R100

Funny Snail Shape Sorter R300

Colourful Rattle Puzzle Ball R70


Musical Animals with lights and sounds (cat or dog) R110 each

Encourage babbling and speech with a Fun Toy Telephone R150 each

Pull Back Soft Car with Piggie Rattle R160

Soft Alphabet Ball to develop hand-eye co-ordination and movement (12 cm) R60

Bath time can be fun stimulating time! Have splashy fun with these bright bath toys.

Ideal Bath Toys – Squeezy Squeaky Puffer Fish (2 piece) R75

Ideal Bath Toys – 5 squeezy animals R95

  Ideal Bath Toys – Nemo Clown Fish R75

Discover floating with 3 Bath Boats R50

Ideal Bath Toys – Squeaky soccer balls (4 piece) R95

Sea Creatures Stacking Cup Bath Toy (4 piece) R70

Ideal Bath Toys – Duck family (3 piece) R75

BUDGET FRIENDLY TOYS for Preschoolers and Primary School Children. Learning through play helps children develop emotionally, intellectually, emotionally and socially.
Fight fires and rescue people with this Firefighter Dress Up Set R100
Firefighter Accessories Set R125

Cross Country Fire Truck (with lights & sound) R150
Cross Country Police Car (with lights & sound) R150

Cross Country Ambulance (with lights & sound) R150
Fire Engine (with lights & sound) R165

Police Officer Dress Up Set R100


Practice some construction and engineering skills with this Tool Belt R90

Develop fine motor skills with a Drill Toy R75

Dump Truck R100

Play in the garden or build a block house with a Cement Mixer, Dump Truck or Bull Dozer R40 each 
Fantasy Play with Dolls builds empathy and social skills.

Soft Baby Doll with a blanket and carrier (30 cm) R270 each


Beautiful Jojo Baby Doll (with bean bag body – 45 cm) R450 each

Soft Baby Doll with Outfit (30 cm) R270 each


Sweet Joesy Baby Doll (with bean bag body – 45 cm) R450 each

Magic Baby Bottles (with milk and orange juice) R45

Magic Baby Bottles with Lid (milk & orange juice) R70

Baby Doll Push Chair R195

Baby Doll Canopy Push Chair with storage pocket R270 each

Cooking Play develops life skills and social skills (and knowledge of different types of food). Play restaurant or home life, have a picnic or a tea party

A variety of food in the Cooking Pot Set R100 each 

Kitchenware Breakfast Fry-up R90 each

Play Food Set (26 pieces) R150

Metal Pot Play Set with pot holders – durable and realistic R255

Red Pot Kitchen Set R130

Sweet Cake Set R80

Cutting Food with velcro (various packs) R75 each 

Cutting Food set (21 pieces) available in Fruit, Vegetable or General Food R210


Miniature Porcelain Tea Set (with flower design) R70

Polka Dot Tea Party Set R120

Toy Kitchen Set with Drying Rack R225

Discover the Animal Kingdom! Your child can get to know a variety of Mammals, Fish, Reptiles and even a few Birds in these sets.

Dolphins are actually Mammals and breathe air. These lovely dolphins are R90 each. 

Snakes! various snakes (between 40 – 55 com long)  R45 each

Get to know different types of reptiles with a miniature plastic reptile set R75 per set (6 piece) 



Start a Zoo with a tube of wild animals (13 piece) R65

A set of small farm animals R90 per set (12 piece) 

Parent & Baby Animals – Lion, Rhino, Elephant, Giraffe and Tiger R90 each

Some interesting Pre-historic Dinosaurs in a set R90 per set (12 piece) 

Create a Nature Reserve with the Wild Animal Set (12 piece) R90

Learn about Arachnids with a Spider Set (6 piece) R70

Be an Entomologist with this Insect Set R75 (8 piece) 

Enter a magical fantasy world and develop imagination with colourful sparkly ponies. Rainbow Pony R70 each 

Sparkly Flocked (soft touch) Pony Family (3 piece) R150 per set


Pony Tales Set with 4 ponies and accessories R180

My Lovely Horse Set – with 3 cute horses and accessories R150

Keeping active is important for young bodies. Have fun while keeping fit!

Cheer with some Sparkle Pom Poms R45


Practice dance & gymnastic moves with a Baton with streamers R70

Turn your passage into a bowling alley and the whole family can have active fun. Bowling Set R250

Frog Foam Bats & Ball Set R100

Get a hole in one with a Golf Set R115

My First Cricket Bat and Ball Set R75

Fishing Game Set with 4 fish R80