Bath Time Smiles

Bath and water play toys develop: enjoyment of bathing and good hygiene habits, tactile sensory processing, colour and shape knowledge, an understanding of cause and effect as well as water pressure.

Water Play is also very calming for a child. 

Suitable for ages: 1 +

Yookidoo Bath Time Toys

Yookidoo’s baby toys are all about fun, entertainment, exploration and discovery.

Our line of bath toys, launched over a decade ago, was so revolutionary that it would forever change the bath toy category.

For more info about the Yookidoo toys:

Playgo 2 in 1 Penguin Bath Toy and Organiser R265

Use the suction attachments to put your cute penguin against the tiles or bath tub. This is a fun toy to develop hand-eye co-ordination by placing or throwing the balls in. When you are ready to pull the plug, your little one can help tidy up the toys in this useful storage bag

Playgo Waterway Bathtub toy R235

 Add interactive fun to bath time! Pour, flow and spin for hours of water splashing fun! A fun way to develop hand-eye co-ordination for ages 12 months + 


Sea Theme Bath Book R100

There is nothing better than combining bathing and reading with this great plastic book with a fish theme.  Toddlers can learn the important pre-literacy skills of how to hold a book and to page from left to right in a tub of fun bubbles.

Playgo Little Crab Bath Toy R275

A fun interactive bath toy with spinning wheels and a water scoop. For ages 12 months + 

Playgo Bath Raiders Ship - R395

Squirt water from the portholes and show off your ship’s power. Send off enemies by Shooting the cannon ball and splashing them into the sea! 10 months +

Animal Bath Book R100

This plastic bath book is a great way to teach the concepts of reading, looking at pictures and turning pages to your toddler. 

Sea creatures squeaky bath toy set R100

Just add imagination … bath toys can get up to so many antics amongst the bubbles. These 4 cute sea creatures are a great addition to a fun sensory bath time. 

Reef fish squeaky bath toy set R100

Name them, talk to them, squeeze them, splash with them or swim them around the tub. 

Animals in the Bathroom net toy set R150

 Your child can practice hand-eye co-ordination in the bath with a fun game of catching 4  toy sea creatures.

Water Flutes R125

This is a great way to experiment in the bath – fill the flutes to different levels and they make different notes. Blowing toys also develop mouth muscles, and help with speech development. 

Yookidoo Submarine Spray Station - R595

This is a great kit to make bath time full of smiles and the shower helps with rinsing hair too! This set has a battery operated water circulation pump which attaches to the side of the tub. For ages 8m +

Yookidoo Spin n Sprinkle Water Lab R315

Yookidoo toys are fantastic for the bath! This great set has suction attachments, a test tube to pour with, googly eyes, rotating water gauge, multi-jet sprinkler and spinning propeller.  The transparent pieces means you can see the water pour through. 


Yookidoo Fill n Spill Action Cups - coming soon

4 Colourful cups which drip or drizzle water down and spin the wheel. Comes with a handy cup holder with suction attachment. 

Yookidoo Spin n Sort Water Gear Lab - coming soon

Yookidoo makes fantastic quality bath toys with clever designs. Your toddler can spin the gears, sort the colours & shapes, or pour water with the test tube. With suction cups, it stays on the side of the bath. 

Yookidoo Ready Freddy Firefighter Bath Toy R595

What fun – with a hose to spray water!