Bath Time Smiles

Bath and water play toys develop: enjoyment of bathing and good hygiene habits, tactile sensory processing, colour and shape knowledge, an understanding of cause and effect as well as water pressure.

Water Play is also very calming for a child. 

Suitable for ages: 1 +

Yookidoo Bath Time Toys

Yookidoo’s baby toys are all about fun, entertainment, exploration and discovery.

Our line of bath toys, launched over a decade ago, was so revolutionary that it would forever change the bath toy category.

For more info about the Yookidoo toys:

Yookidoo Flow and Fill Spout R400

Yookidoo Flow N’ Fill Spout is a Unique Bath Toy That Offers a Variety of Options for Bath Time Fun

Yookidoo Musical Duck Race

Four Mischevious Ducks Race Around The Fountain As Music And Fun Sound Effects Play

Bright Starts Oball Scoop 'n Spill Bath Toy R90

3 easy to grip cups to scoop, pour and spill water in the bath. Perfect for developing finger muscles and fun water play.


Bright Starts O-Ball Swimming Turtle R100

Have a splashing good bath with this cute wind up turtle from O-Ball. Just wind his flippers and he will swim a few strokes. Easy to clean and dry after the bath.

Yookidoo Stack n Spray bath toy R550

Magical fountain for bath time play

As boats and characters are stacked up on the base, water flows through each one and out the top.


Yookidoo Submarine Spray Station R480

Submarine Spray Station Baby Bath Toy Encourages Independent Play And Exploration During Bath Time.

Features A Battery Operated Water Circulation Pumping System That Attaches To The Tub (great for hair washing too!)

Yookidoo Spin ‘n Sort Pro R480

Spin ‘N’ Sort Spout Supports STEM by Introducing Children to Sorting, Constructing and Putting Physics into Play With Spinning Gear Movement.

Yookidoo Submarine Spray Whale R465

Submarine Spray Whale Bath Toy  allows your child to explore and experience independent play during bath time

B Toys Owl about Waterfalls Water Toy R295

This durable set is a water play toy that teaches your child about the mechanics of waterfalls, spinning wheels and gravity. The own cup and dump truck detach – perfect to play with in the bath, garden or next to the pool. 

Playgo Waterway Bathtub toy R175

 Add interactive fun to bath time! Pour, flow and spin for hours of water splashing fun! A fun way to develop hand-eye co-ordination for ages 12 months + 


Playgo Water Wheel Bath Toy R265

Your toddler can learn about cause and effect, gravity and movement by pouring water and watching the wheels spin.

Playgo Little Crab Bath Toy R175

A fun interactive bath toy with spinning wheels and a water scoop. For ages 12 months + 

Playgo 2 in 1 Penguin Bath Toy and Organiser

Use the suction attachments to put your cute penguin against the tiles or bath tub. This is a fun toy to develop hand-eye co-ordination by placing or throwing the balls in. When you are ready to pull the plug, your little one can help tidy up the toys in this useful storage bag