Pre-Schooler & Early Primary School Toys & Games

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We also have fluffy soft toys, Magplayer Magnetic Shapes Building Sets, Musical instruments & Art kids and great Logic IQ  games for Pre-school and Primary School children!

Toys for a pre-schooler: Age 3 to 4

3 to 4 years love more social games and start to make more friends. ​They love singing and dancing games, and art time. They like to sort and classify items and also enjoy memory games.


Colourful, durable educational games which help build literacy and basic reading skills.

Made in Britain from 100% recycled board. Award winning games & puzzles.

Learning made fun!


Orchard Dinosaur Lotto was R240 **now R160**

A colourful, dinosaur themed matching and memory game

  • A simple matching and memory game with two ways to play
  • Fun dinosaur theme
  • Suitable for ages 3-7

Orchard Smelly Wellies Game was R240 **now R160**

A first matching game featuring quirky monster characters

Options for easier and more challenging gameplay

Suitable for 2-4 players (for ages 2-6)

Penguin Pairs Was R130 ***Now R95**

Cool Matching Game – Perfect for travel

  • Small, compact and portable
  • Suitable for ages 3-6

Orchard Llamas in Pyjamas Was R130 ***Now R95**


A fun matching travel game featuring quirky llama characters.

  • Incredibly cute memory game
  • Suitable for ages 3-6

Jungle Dominoes Was R130 ***Now R95**

A fun travel size domino game featuring friendly jungle animals.

  • Suitable for ages 3-5

Orchard Dinosaur Dominoes Was R130 ***Now R95**

Match the friendly dinosaur characters in this fun packed travel game!

  • Small, compact and portable
  • Suitable for ages 3-5

Orchard Little Bug Bingo Was R130 ***Now R95**


A colourful travel bingo game featuring a variety of bugs and mini beasts!

  • Learn vocabulary
  • Suitable for ages 3-6

Little Bus Lotto Was R130 ***Now R95**

Collect animal passengers for your bright little bus in this fun travel size lotto game.

  • Small, compact and portable
  • Suitable for ages 3-6

Playgo Ice Cream Stacker Game R200

Can you balance the ice cream scoops? Learn about balance, gravity and quantity with this fun balancing game

Playgo Throw & Tumble Ball R200

Feed the hungry pelican with the balls and watch them drop out the bottom.

Playgo Waterway Bath Toy R240

Pour, watch the spin, see the water flow – it’s a bathtime adventure. The sections suction stick to the side of the bath. 

Playgo Little Crab Bath Toy R275

A fun interactive bath toy with spinning wheels and a water scoop. For ages 12 months + 

Playgo Bath Raiders Ship R385

Squirt water from the portholes and show off your ship’s power. Send off enemies by Shooting the cannon ball and splashing them into the sea! 10 months +

Magplayer Train Set (68 Pieces) R995

Everything you need to build a Magplayer train and is perfect to combine with your other Magplayer Magnetic Shapes as well as large size construction blocks (such as Duplo). The set comes with 8 Triangles, 10 Squares, 1 curved rectangle & 2 curved Triangle Magnetic pieces as well as 47 other durable plastic items: Train engine, Train carriage, 12 Train tracks, 2 large building block size people and other train station accessory blocks.

Magplayer 45 Piece Starter Kit - R635

This set contains 45 pieces (12 triangles & 18 squares and 15 solid plastic squares that clip in the magnetic squares) & instruction booklet

Suitable for ages: 3 +


Thinkfun Heads Talk Tails Walk R350

Develops critical skills & builds visual perception and reasoning skills through fun gameplay.
Heads Talk Tails Walk comes with an instruction manual, 10 large body tiles, and 10 small head tiles depicting different animals. Perfect for ages 3 +, 2 to 5 players.
Easy to use instructions manual.

Hobby Horse R290

Your child can ride out imaginative play with this fabic hobby horses with wooden sticks. Press his ears to hear a horse noise! 

Unicorn or Brown horse available

Metal Cooking Pot Toy Set

 Whether you are baking a mud cake, cooking for a restaurant, making bubble broth in the bath or watery soup in the pool, a good set of cooking pots is always useful! These small toy pots and pans are durable & easy to clean. 

Preschoolers to Grade R: Ages 4 to 5

When it comes to play, 4 to 5 year olds may like to sing, dance and act. They also loves make-believe play and are learning the difference between fantasy and reality. They are more aware of gender and might want to play gender-based games – for example, pre-schoolers might want to play at being ‘Mum’, ‘Dad’ or even ‘Teacher’. 

Pre-schoolers also love moving and being active, throwing, jumping, hopping and even skipping.

Shopping List Game was R240 ***Now R160**

             Race to collect your shopping in this fun memory game. Be the first to fill your trolley. For 2 to 4 Players. Age 3 to 7

This Game develops matching and memory skills, obserational skills, general knowledge and life skills around food and shopping. 

Orchard Insy Winsy Spider Was R320 ***Now R200**


A simple counting and shapes game based on the popular nursery rhyme

Quick and easy to play  Suitable for ages 3-6 and 2-4 players


Crazy Chefs Was R240 ***Now R160**

 Match the ingredients and utensils to help the chefs prepare their meals. Will you be the first to collect your plate? For 2 to 5 Players. Age 3 to 7. 

This Game develops matching and memory skills, obserational skills and general knowledge.

Orchard Counting Caterpillars Was R320 ***Now R220**

A fun hands-on game to learn the numbers 1 to 10 while building puzzles.

Collect 1-10 in this first colour and number game, build on your own or play in a group of 2 to 4 players.

  • Teach number sequencing
  • Friendly caterpillar characters
  • Suitable for ages 3-6

Dancebot Dancing Robot Was R1200 Now R870

This cheerful Dancebot is a blue tooth speaker with fantastic sound. He also has Smart Tech that allows him to make up his own moves to your music. His expressive eyes are charming.

A must to get your family moving & grooving! Available in Red, Blue or Coral colour. 

Playgo Learning Musical Clock R345

This versatile educational toy will teach numbers, awareness of time & clocks and also winds up for music.

Water Flutes R125

This is a great way to experiment in the bath – fill the flutes to different levels and they make different notes. Blowing toys also develop mouth muscles, and help with speech development. 

Magplayer Construction Tub set (64 piece) R1040

This set has items to make a car or a digger, so it perfect for a vehicle enthusiast. It has 64 pieces which includes 14 triangles, 20 squares, 2 wider triangles & 2 half circle magnetic shapes as well as 4 wheels and 18 durable plastic building accessories.


Magplayer 40 piece Chariot Set R765

For ages 2 to Adult – everyone will enjoy building with Magplayer Shapes! 

Build a chariot, fire engine, bus, digger … This set adds wheels, hexagons and a rectangle to your building possibilities!

Contains: 12 Triangles, 18 Squares, 2 hexagons, 2 pairs of double wheels, 2 single wheels, 2 characters, instruction booklet and 2 rectangles.

Magplayer Tangram Tiles Set in a Tin R295

These smaller magnetic tiles make up a tangram puzzle to build and can be used for free play building and building 3D as well.

The set comes in a convenient 12 x 12 cm tin for tidy up time. 

Magplayer Translucent Solid Magnetic Tiles (32 Pieces) R640

These NEW Magnetic Tiles are great colours and make great sturdy structures. Build a tower, rocket or farm … your imagination can take off with these excellent quality magnetic building pieces. These are compatible with other Magplayer Magnetic TILES. 

Smart Games Chicken Shuffle Junior R295

Can you help all the chickens cover their eggs? Chicken Shuffle JR is a unique sliding puzzle that challenges you to shuffle the chickens around until all eggs are covered. This JUNIOR version includes 48 easier challenges and 3D chickens and chicks! 

Grade R to Grade 2: Ages 5 to 8

By school-age, your child will probably:

  • have a clearer understanding of what’s real and what’s pretend
  • be able to plan new creative arts including drawing, painting, dance and music
  • be able to tell you a made-up story
  • be able to manage games, sharing and cope better with losing
  • have a creative imagination, and enjoy fantasy play
  • be learning to co-ordinate gross motor and fine motor movements into more complex movements

Orchard Match & Spell was R280 ***now R200***

A fun first reading and spelling activity.

Encourage letter recognition and word building – build 3 and 4 sound words with adjacent consonants.  For ages 4 to 8

Aligns with Phono-Graphix Reading Method Level 1 & 2. 

Two ways to play!

Orchard Match & Spell Next Steps was R280 ***now R200***

Develop reading and spelling skills using sounds and blends 

Follows on from our bestselling Match and Spell game. Suitable for ages 6 to 9

Develops advanced reading and spelling skills (incl sh, ch, th, ck, ng, oo, ea, bb, ph etc.) Aligns with Phono-Graphix Reading Method Level 3 & 4.  

Double-sided boards to extend learning.

Orchard Alphabet Lotto was R280 ***now R200***

Four ways to play this game, you can increase the difficulty as the child learns. A fun way to learn the letters of the alphabet as well as common sound pictures (e.g. th, ch, wh ). For Ages 3 to 7


Orchard Slug in a Jug was R240 ***now R160***

Three fun rhyming word games, including silly sentences, find the rhyme or rhyming pairs.

  • Develops language and literacy skills
  • Three games in one!
  • Suitable for ages 5-9

Orchard Giant Alphabet Puzzle was R360 ***now R200***


  • huge floor puzzle full of colourful illustrations which represent letters of the alphabet. Each letter has a chunky jigsaw piece and for each letter there is a matching picture e.g. a is for astronaut, c is for cat.  Suitable for ages 3-8

Orchard Pirate Snakes & Ladders and Ludo was R320 ***now R220***

Two fun pirate themed traditional family games in one!

  • Double-sided playing board
  • Traditional family game!
  • Suitable for ages 5-10

Orchard Tell the Time was R240 ***now R160***



A ‘learn the time’ lotto.

  • A unique way to learn the time
  • Teach analogue and digital times
  • Suitable for ages 5-9

Orchard What's the time, Mr Wolf? was R320 ***now R220***


A time telling board game with two ways to play!

Develops analogue and digital time telling skills & includes giant clock face with moveable hands

Educational game for ages 5-9 and 2-4 players

Thinkfun Rush Hour Junior R380

Develops critical skills & provides a fun learning experience, where players develop logical reasoning and planning skills as they play.
Rush Hour Jr. is the junior version of the world famous Rush Hour game, which has sold over 10 million copies worldwide.

Magplayer Designer Set R985

This is a great set for designing creations as it has 62 magnetic pieces, including 20 triangles, 22 squares, 2 trapezoids, 14 isosceles triangles and 4 diamond shapes

Engino JCB Construction Backhoe Loader R850

ENGINO® has secured the license to produce famous models of JCB construction machines. Children can build the iconic JCB 3CX Backhoe Loader out of the Engino Construction pieces. Be a construction engineer and use the Backhoe Loader with the interchangeable attachments to dig holes, the Dumber with the tipping skip and the Low Loader with the articulated bucket! 

Engino JCB Construction Tipper Truck R595

Build 3 different Tipper Truck styles using the snap-clip Engino parts. Engino teaches children about design, following step-by-step instructions and the parts can also be used for free play and making your own unique designs. Each box comes with an assembly tool that helps to take pieces apart to build other models and creations.

A unique brand of STEM toys designed by an Engineer

More models can be assembled by downloading the free internet instructions , available at Engino website. All models are available as interactive 3D instructions viewed either from a PC or from smartphones and tablets through the ENGINO 3D Viewer app (kidCAD), downloadable for free in Android, Apple (iOs) and Windows mobile operating systems. 

ENGINO - Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths

Build from the design booklet or make your own unique creation! Collect a few sets and build the pieces together.

Comes with instructions of how to build 2 designs, and you can access a third design online through the Engino App. A great gift for a construction or design enthusiast. For ages 6+ 

Thinkfun Zingo Sight Words R400

A fun and interactive word game that brings fast-paced excitement and learning to the classic game of Bingo! Great as a family game or a fun activity for a foundation phase classroom. 2 to 6 players. It has 72 words tiles and 6 double sided Zingo Cards.

Thinkfun Zingo Word Builder R400

Have fun while learning spelling, word recognition, letter sounds, consonants and vowels.

This a fun way to learn to build words, with two levels of play to engage players from beginners to more experienced readers.

Thinkfun Zingo Numbers 1-2-3 R400

An easy fun way for your pre-schooler and foundation phase child to learn their numbers. Also a great game for a classroom or homeschool. 

Smart Games Smart Farmer R425

A 1 player puzzle logic game for ages 5+

Can you keep all the animals apart using fences? and don’t forget a water trough …

This game develops problem solving, spatial visualisation, planning and concentration. 

Smart Games Mystic Island R410

Can you help the friendly dinosaurs? Use the moveable puzzle pieces to place the herbivores out of reach of the carnivores in this adorable logic puzzle game. Comes with 48 Challenges. for ages 5 + 

Smart Games Colour Code R410

Develop 2D spatial visualisation, order, orientation and shape knowledge. Very durable plastic pieces. Challenge book has challenges from easy to expert. Suitable for ages 5 to adult. An ideal classroom accessory or fun family game for home

Thinkfun Laser Maze Junior R600

Develops critical skills & teaches angles and optics to early learners through fun, exciting gameplay.
What you get: A fun logic game and STEM toy with a real class 1 laser and 40 challenges.


for Age 5+ Requires 2 x AAA batteries which are not provided.

Thinkfun Maths Dice Junior R260

 These great larger Maths Dice sets come with good quality dice and instructions to play the game, together with a handy storage bag. For ages 6+

Robot Turtles R590

A Coding Board Game for Little Programmers!
Young learners can learn programming one turtle move at a time. Through fun play and Code Cards, players move their Robot Turtles around the game board to reach a prized jewel. This might be a coding board game for little programmers, but the entire family will love playing it, too.
2 to 4 players
For Ages 5+

Grade 3 to 5: Ages 8 to 11

At this age children enjoy playing and socialising with others. Play is still an important part of learning, even as children grow older. 
• Can do complex models and puzzles
• May enjoy hobbies, collections and scrapbooks
• May have an interest in gadgets and inventions
• Enjoy competitive games and sports
• Interest in clubs and group activities
• Like science, chemistry and astronomy
• May enjoy stories, putting on plays or shows, acting and games like charades
• Play games that require speed, skill, strategy, competition and concentration
• Can stick to the rules of games and be ok with losing

Engino Academy of STEAM - Inertia and Energy Conversion R675

 LEARN: Newton’s laws can essentially describe all objects that are in motion. Learn the notion of inertia, realize that it can be observed everywhere in our daily life and understand that seat belts keep us safe when travelling
EXPERIMENT: Build an experimental platform that simulates a car that crashes on a wall. Convert the elastic energy of a stretched spring into kinetic for the vehicle. See the passenger flying out of the car right after the crash due to inertia

A great science kit for ages 8+ 

Engino Academy of STEAM - Buoyant Forces R675

LEARN: Maritime and sea exploration are important for transportation. Learn how ships can float on water due to buoyancy. Understand density, how it varies over objects and find that it is a significant factor on whether an object will sink or float
EXPERIMENT: Build and decorate your submarine model. Use a sink filled with water to tests its buoyant behavior. Alter its density using a combination of materials such as air, water and investigate whether it will float or sink.

Comes with an 18 page colour information booklet.

Engino Academy of STEAM - Hydraulics Science R675

 LEARN: Industrial and construction machines use hydraulics to easily lift heavy objects. Learn how this can be achieved by applying the Pascal’s Law on a hydraulic press. Understand what hydrostatic pressure is and how it gets stronger by depth
EXPERIMENT: Build a hydraulic platform and investigate Pascal’s law. Use syringes of different size to emulate how pistons can transfer pressure inside a tube. Add a load on the platform and push the pistons to lift it

Engino Academy of STEAM - Botanic Lab R675

LEARN: Young botanists grow their own plants from seeds inside a fully functional greenhouse they build themselves. Learn about plant life cycles and photosynthesis.
EXPERIMENT: Guided experiments will show little farmers how conditions like light, temperature and moisture affect their crops.

Engino Academy of STEAM - Solar Helicopter R675

 LEARN: Solar power is powerful and reaches the earth continuously. Even the tiny percentage of sunlight that touches the earth is more than enough to meet the energy needs of the entire human population by more than 8,500x over
EXPERIMENT: Test the efficiency of a solar panel, under varying light conditions. Observe the rotation speed of the propeller and compare it when the model is placed indoors, under shaded area and under direct sunlight.

Smart Games Anti-Virus R410

Can you stop the epidemic?

Work your way through the challenge book by sliding pieces to get the rid virus out of the board. (age 6+)


Smart Games Atlantis Escape R295

Can you escape from Atlantis before the beautiful city sinks? Navigate staircases to find the shortest path from the high tower to safe boat at the harbour.  Can you make it? “Atlantis Escape” is a travel-friendly puzzle game with 60 3D-challenges, from easy to expert.

*NEW* Thinkfun Dog Crimes R330

Use your deductive logic to solve the puzzle of which canine was the culprit …

For ages 8 to adult 

Smart Games Quadrillion Game R410

Countless puzzles and solutions, but can you solve it?

Cognitive skill building fun for all ages. Ultimate solitaire IQ game. (age 7+)

Thinkfun Maths Dice Chase R250

A fun way to practice your multiplication

For grades 3+

Thinkfun Gravity Maze R640

It’s a maze game. It’s a marble game. Actually, it’s a gravity-powered logic maze game that builds reasoning skills and visual perception. The best part is – it’s fun to play and learn! Use the challenge cards to strategically place towers and create a path for your marble to reach the target. With 60 challenges to test your skills, this fun maze game is definitely a marble run for brainiacs! For Ages 8+

Thinkfun Rush Hour R385

It will take more than a little skilled driving to get the red car out of this traffic jam – it will take brainpower. A sliding block logic game, you have to battle the gridlock as you slide the blocking vehicles out of the way for the red car to exit. With 40 all-new challenges, ranging in difficulty, players can progress at their own speed. For Ages 8+

Grade 5 to 12: Ages 10 to adult

Although it may feel like your tween / teen is only interested in phones & computer games, they also may enjoy board games, logic puzzle games, STEM sets, art kits and accessories. 

Smart Games Cube Puzzler Go R320

Put your spatial insight, logic and deduction skills to work as you create cubes to solve each challenge! Cube Puzzler GO’s case doubles as an attractive tray to play the game. Open the transparent cube to transform it from a storage case into a game board. The game includes a challenge booklet with 80 real 3D-challenges and solutions. For ages 8+

Smart Games Cube Zig Zag Puzzler R335

Build a pyramid… or a zigzag!
Zigzag Puzzler is a 3D puzzle game with 2 playing modes. Build a pyramid on the blue side of the gameboard or a zigzag on the white side! Contains a transparent lid for easy storage, so you can solve any of the 80 challenges (40 challenges per side) on the go.
Age: 12+

Smart Games Cube Puzzler Pro R320

Cube Puzzler PRO’s case doubles as an attractive tray to play the game. Open the transparent cube to transform it from a storage case into a game board. The game includes a challenge booklet with 80 real 3D-challenges and solutions from beginner to expert. For ages 10+ 

Engino Sea Exploration R995

Build the Titanic, a Catamaran or your own creation with this very large 296  piece Engino Set.