Primary School Toys (ages 6 - 9)

A grade 1 to 3 child will probably have a clearer understanding of what’s real and what’s pretend, be able to plan new creative arts including drawing, painting, dance and music, be able to manage games, sharing and cope better with losing. They will also have a creative imagination, and enjoy fantasy play as well as be learning to co-ordinate gross motor and fine motor movements into more complex movements.

In grades 4 to 7, a child may enjoy playing and socialising with others. Play is still an important part of learning, even as children grow older.
They may be interested in complex models and puzzles as well as developing hobbies, collections and scrapbooks.
Interests could be in gadgets and inventions; competitive games and sports; or science, chemistry and astronomy.
Play games that require speed, skill, strategy, competition and concentration - they can stick to the rules of games and be ok with losing.

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