Engino STEAMLABS How Viruses Work for ages 8+

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This innovative Engino Set is an Introduction to Microbiology Science Kit

Kids learn how viruses work and how they can impact our everyday lives, exploring the microorganism and pathogen world through real-life examples, experiments and interesting facts! For ages 8+

When they’re done experimenting, kids can pick up their coloured pencils and draw their own DNA structure.

The coloured booklet includes:
an introduction to Microbiology and the tools needed to practise
fun STEM experiments with their very own virus replica
a quiz to test their understanding of key STEM concepts
easy-to-follow building instructions
printable skins to practice their design skills

Engino is a quality range of STEAM construction and engineering pieces designed by Costas Sisamos (with degrees in Mech Engineering & Education) and made in Cyprus.
Start your collection today - all Engino sets are fully compatible with each other.

What's in the box
Plastic Toy Building Pieces
1 x Instruction Booklet

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