Engino Inventor Motorized 50 models Set

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Engino Inventor Motorized 50 Multi Models

The inventor motorized series is the ultimate range and it is more suitable for intermediate and advanced users who literally "play to invent"! The constructions are large in size and more elaborate, incorporating advanced technical features. Selected models can be brought to life once animated with the high torque geared motor. Unleash your imagination with the 50 in 1 MOTORIZED models package! The set includes a vast variety of cars and motorbikes to choose from according to your mood. For speed, you can build the fast models of Formula, Dragster, two types of Racers or the aerodynamic FunnyCar. For easy riding, try the large Chopper and Custom Chopper models, the famous Harley or the Knuckle Head and the Low Rider style bikes. There are also vehicles for difficult conditions like the two types of Snowmobiles, for off-road adventures like the Dune Buggy and the Dirt Bike and even for industrial use such as the Bobcat, the Telescopic Forklift, the Tractor Power and the motor powered Crane.

- Colour: Orange
- Material Plastic
- Suitable age: 6-14 years old
- Warranty: 6 months

What's in the box
Printed instruction are included for 4 main models in each set.

Build 50 different models!

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