Engino INVENTOR Robot Ginobot with 10 models to build

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Innovative construction set with 10 models to build onto a programmable robot - amazing STEM toy for ages 9+

Engino is a quality range of STEAM construction and engineering pieces designed by Costas Sisamos (with degrees in Mech Engineering & Education) and made in Cyprus. Start your collection today - all Engino sets are fully compatible with each other.

GinoBot is a highly programmable robot ready to be used straight from the box. Developed by a combination of engineers and academics, GinoBot is a neat tool for teaching STEM disciplines, computational thinking and digital literacy in fun and hands-on experience. The education system world-wide is evolving to incorporate robotics in the classroom so that students understand the fundamentals of this new technology while developing the necessary building and programming skills associated with it. At the same time, children are eager to experiment with robots and integrate traditional play and fun with the electronics world.

Instruction booklet as well as online 3D interactive instructions
Parts include: 265 building pieces including high-precession wheels, mechanisms and snap-fit curved surfaces.
Recommended for ages 9 years and older.
The booklet includes:
a micro-history and fun facts
hands-on STEM exercises
the easy-to-master theory

easy-to-follow building instructions

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