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Brand: Edge Toys

A set of durable magnetic Alphabet Letters and Phonemes that children can play with, build words with, and learn to match the sounds of language with the sound pictures (letters) that represent them.

Contents: 1 metal tin, 199 Alphabet Sound Picture Magnets (including multiple letter Sound Picture Magnets: qu, sh, ch, th, ck, ll, ss, zz, oe, oa, ow, ou, oo, ee, ie igh and the sound pictures of latin origin: tion, sion, cian, sure, ture, cial & tial)

This activity develops: fine motor skills, visual discrimination skills, auditory discrimination skills, phoneme awareness, knowledge of the nature of language: language is made of sounds; letters are pictures of those sounds; some sound pictures have more than one letter (e.g. ‘sh’ in the word ship); awareness that sounds can be blended together in words (e.g. c a t = cat) or can be segmented (what is the first sound in dog?)

Endorsed by Read for Africa for use with the Phono-Graphix Reading and Spelling Programme

For more info visit www.readforafrica.com

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