With Our Specially Sourced And Designed Educational Toys!

Let your children learn by having fun! At Edge Toys we make that a possibility. We are an innovative company selling top-quality educational toys, including interesting puzzles, balance games and magnetic alphabet letters. We have something for every child – Browse around now!

Our toys make learning fun!

Build, Create & Brainstorm

MagPlayer, Smartmax, Just Magnets Nuts & Bolts, Just Magnetic Shapes & Patterns, Marble Run, Zoobz

Play and Learn - Puzzles & IQ Challenges

Thinkfun Logic Games, Puzzle Balls, Smartgames IQ Puzzles, Wooden Balance Game

Preschooler & Primary School Toys

Yookidoo & B.Toys for ages 3 to 9 yrs, Orchards Educational Games

Sand & Beach Toys

B.Toys Beach Bags, Buckets, Trucks & Wagons

Bath Time Smiles

Yookidoo & B.Toys Bath Toys

Fantasy Play

Li’l Woodzeez Animals, Lori Dolls, Our Generation Dolls, Malaville Dolls

Reading Activities

Baby & Toddler Books, Just Word Building, Woorde Skatkis, Orchards Educational Games 

Baby & Toddler Toys

Yookidoo & B.Toys for ages 0 to 3 yrs old; 

Budget Friendly Toys for ages 0 to 10

Yookidoo & B.Toys for ages 0 to 10 yrs old; Budget Friendly Range of Toys

Out & About - Outdoor Play

Buitenspeel Wooden Outdoor & Active Games

Arty-Crafts & Music

Just Playdough, Seedling Craft Sets, Trendy Identity Bead Sets, Spiro-Ruler Kit

Soft & Cuddly Jellycat Bunnies & Other Animals

Jellycat Bunnies, African Animals, Farm Animals, Fantasy Animals, Baby Soothers